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Friday, 26 January 2018

Sad Day

Today we close the doors to Birds in the Barn for the last time after six years here at Poplar Nurseries who have been great landlords and very supportive of our business we can not thank them enough  it is a sad day for us all. We would like to thank all our customers past and present for all the support you have given us over the years. Thank you very much for all the gifts, flowers, good wishes and many many hugs. I know many of you wish to stay in touch with Birds in the Barn so I will be running a few workshops from my studio in Braintree. You can contact me on 07789717279 if you wish to join us or have any questions. All information on workshop will be found on Birds in the Barn website and Blog.

We have a few fittings for sale in the store.......
!2 x 12 papers units with 30 slots 154cm high 36cm wide 38cm deep.
Some wooden cubes 115cm x 85cm and 145cm x 73cm one tall cube set 181cm x 39cm wide.
One wire 12 x 12 paper stand.
Pop along to the store to check out the last reductions we have.
Many Many bargains.......

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  1. Couldn't believe my eyes today as I came especially to Birds in the Barn and you were gone!!!! I hope you are going to continue to do workshops as I was going to book some before I have a new knee in April, so I could practice while I am recuperating. Please if you have any spaces in March let me know. So sad to see you have gone