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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Crafting By The Sea

Could not resist a little crafting while on my holiday so when the sun gets a little too hot I pop onto my balcony in the shade [only part of the day is shaded ] and sit with my inks and stamps and little pair of scissors and away I go and this all came about after I had packed all my holiday gear into one suitcase and low and behold when I asked of my husband what weight can my suitcase be he said do you mean the two suitcases and at that moment my holiday changed from a beach holiday to a crafting/beach holiday and in went paints, inks, card, stamps and much more even an extra pair of shoes what bliss. And this is the first offering and if you think I have cut up my holiday reading you are wrong I managed to slip in a couple of old book pages too. I must be spending to much time with Jo Firth-Young!!!

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