2018 Workshops

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Summer Fest begins!

The first day of our Summer Fest was a great success. Not a very summery day but we were all far too busy to worry about the weather. The first two workshops were run by two very talented ladies: Lin Brown and Darcy. Both projects were beautiful and so very different. Shame they were on the same day because most would have loved to have attended both workshops. I loved making the canvas with Lin and I know Ginny was thrilled with the quirky little book taught by Darcy. This is the first time Darcy has taught but hopefully not the last. 
Here is Lin's and my canvases. I need to take a photo of Darcy's book which I will post in the next few days. 
Here are some action shots of us all hard at work!

And of course we had to break for lunch which I must say was lovely. 

Followed by doughnuts!!!!

Some of Lin's beautiful samples:

And of course Darcy's too:

Three more days to go. Let's hope everyone attending will enjoy themselves as much as we all did today. 
Lynne x


  1. Fantastic day loved every minute wish I could go to them all. Thank you Janet and team for putting this together xx

  2. I had a fantastic day. Loved every minute of it. Would definitely do it all over again. I Would loved to have done Darcy's workshop as well. Next time maybe!. Thank you Janet and team for making the day go so smoothly and for organizing this great event. Well done. Christine xxx